Voor de masteropleiding New Media & Digital Culture schreef ik de scriptie ‘Codecraft’. Hierin besprak ik programmeren als ambacht en of dit ambacht te leren valt door middel van games.

De abstract luistert als volgt:
This paper discusses whether games are suitable to teach the craft of programming. This notion is two-fold: is programming a craft, and how can games help to teach a craft? By means of literature research and qualitative interviews, it is concluded that programming is indeed a craft, and that games are suitable to get someone started in the field. Though games are interesting to teach beginners their own learning style, they lack the possibility of transferring enough knowledge and skill to achieve mastery of a field, which is crucial to craft.

Voor de geïnterreseerden, mijn scriptie is hier te downloaden. Uiteraard maakte ik mijn scriptie zelf op.

Omslag Codecraft, MA scriptie